Benefits of Keeping the car in the garage

3 Benefits to Keeping Your Car in the Garage

We all know that garages aren’t always available for vehicles. Those who live in apartment buildings or who have multiple vehicles are often forced to keep vehicles outside overnight and when they aren’t in use. While this isn’t the end of the world, we’re going to highlight 3 reasons why you should keep your car in the garage at night.  

It’s Clean and Dry

While you might not think your garage is very clean, we bet it’s going to be drier and nicer to your vehicle than the great outdoors. There are lots of dirt particles that travel in the air, not to mention debris on windy nights! Your vehicle will remain cleaner and stay dry if you keep it in the garage. This means no scraping the ice off windows in the winter or dealing with leaves stuck under the hood.

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It’s Warmer Than Outside

You might live somewhere warm, but if you live in Wisconsin with the rest of the Kenosha-area shoppers out there, you’ll know that the winters here are COLD. Keeping your vehicle warmer not only helps to prevent tubes and liquids in the vehicle from breaking or thickening, but it will make it easier for your car to warm up on those cold mornings before the sun comes up!

Less Damage and Potential for Rust

Where does rust and salt damage come from? The outdoors. While your vehicle might get rusty simple from driving around, keeping it in a dry garage at night can certainly help to slow the process. Sitting in a wet driveway or being covered in snow and ice can increase the rate of rust development and make your car look worse much faster!

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If you have a garage, USE IT! If you don’t have one, try not to worry. It’s not absolutely necessary, but in the long-run a garage can help a car to stay healthy and live longer. It’s like you! Everyone should have a roof over their heads. Give one to your car if you can!