sleepy while driving

How to Stay Awake While Driving

Staying Awake Behind the Wheel

We all know that we’ve had to make a trip when we weren’t feeling very energized and awake. This usually results in a struggle to avoid nodding off on the road. Falling asleep while driving is extremely dangerous (especially in the snow!) and should definitely be avoided. Read here for some tips and ideas for staying awake behind the wheel.

It is important for your safety to make sure that you’ve had enough sleep before getting behind the wheel, but sometimes even with enough sleep, we get drowsy. If that is a struggle you face, here are a few tips to get you through:

#1: Eat or Drink something Exciting

No, we don’t mean that the food has to be difficult to eat. What will help you stay alert is to eat or drink something that engages your senses. Some suggestions are things like sunflower seeds, ice chips, or chewing gum. The idea is keeping your mouth, and therefore your mind, too busy to fall asleep.

The trick is to avoid too much sugar, as it will lead to a crash or higher level of drowsiness shortly after consuming it.

#2: Eat or Drink something Slowly

Again, keeping your body busy is key for keeping your mind awake! Drinking coffee in sips or eating chips one piece at a time can keep you focused on eating for a longer period of time.

#3: Cool Everything Down

You know when it’s hard to fall asleep? When you are slightly uncomfortable. That is why cooling things down in the car can make drowsiness disappear. Open a window or turn on the air so that the feeling in the car is just a little colder than you’d like.

For an instant cooling effect, wipe your face and neck with a wet wipe or cloth. Even that little shock to your system can help keep your mind awake.

#4: Blast some Music

Listen closely here. You don’t want to play your favorite music. Since you know all the words and enjoy the music, your brain isn’t going to pay much attention to it, giving you a chance to nod off. Turn on something you either don’t know or dislike. For example, a big country fan might throw on some rap music really loud.

Now, obviously there are other methods to keep yourself awake, but having a few tricks in the bag never hurts! Drive safe. Stay Awake!