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Tow your camper safely this summer!

Tips to safely tow a camper

Summer is a time for adventure and enjoying the outdoors. One of the best ways people like to do those things is by camping! Camping allows you to travel to a new place and totally immerse yourself in nature. Learn how to safely tow your camper this summer right here!

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Safety tips for towing a camper

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you are safely hauling your camper (or any kind of trailer!). Check out these safety tips:

  • Make sure your vehicle is equipped to tow what you need. Just because your truck or SUV has a tow hitch, doesn’t mean you can hook up anything you want! Pay attention to your vehicle’s towing capabilities and weight of your camper to ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle the load. Don’t forget to consider the weight of your luggage and passengers in the vehicle as well!
  • Try to pack light. Any supplies that you can get when you arrive at your destination will help you have a lighter load on the road. Get food and water after you set up camp if possible, and pack light for clothes and gear.
  • Line up your mirrors for the best vision possible. You will likely have to adjust your side and rearview mirrors in order to gather a better view around your camper, so don’t forget to do this before you hit the road! If you regularly tow large items, it might be wise to invest in towing side mirrors that are larger and give you a better view around your camper.
  • Slow down, and drive consistently. When you are carrying a heavy load, using caution on the road is the best advice you can follow. Take it slow, and never slam on the brakes to avoid jackknifing.

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We hope these tips help you travel safely with your camper this summer! For all of your automotive needs, come to Palmen Motors!