Ram 3500 Ford F-350
10,990 lbs Towing Capacity 12,000 lbs
3,930 lbs Payload 3,821 lbs
5.7L V8 Standard Engine 6.2L V8
383/400 Horsepower/Torque 387/316

Ram 3500 vs Ford F-350

2015 Ram 3500

If you are in the market to purchase a heavy-duty pickup truck, there are plenty of options available to suit the needs of any driver. These trucks are created today to exceed expectations and stand the test of time and toughness. Pitting two heavy-duty trucks against each other is a difficult task, as each will be able to handle a variety of similar situations and challenges.

Two of the biggest competitors are the Ram 3500 and the Ford F-350. Both are impressive, strong trucks that will get the job done. In this comparison of the Ram 3500 vs Ford F-150, the goal is simple: to highlight the differences between our Ram 3500 and the Ford F-350 to give you the confidence you need to choose the right vehicle.

2015 Ram 3500 Kenosha WI

The Ford F-350 comes in with a slightly higher weight, and a slightly bigger engine. Yet for all the added size, it does not measure up in horsepower and torque. The Ram 3500 takes the cake with its impressive 383 horses under the hood and its lighter weight. Operating with a smaller engine, power is not missing from this functional, intense vehicle. With the options of upgrading to a diesel engine or a all-new stick shift option, the Ram 3500 is both versatile and unique. Both trucks meet at a similar price point for the base model, but as features and power is increased with the other available models, the Ram pulls ahead with options to please any driver.

The Ram 3500 offers more bang for your buck in the power category and the styling and design makes for an exciting looking truck that can handle the toughest jobs. If you are interested in learning more about the Ram 3500 or taking it out for a test drive, contact our friendly staff and make an appointment today!


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