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fresh oil being poured in a car

Where can I get an oil change in Wisconsin?

Oil change service and coupons near Kenosha, WI 

Vehicle owners know that changing the engine oil regularly will provide proper lubrication to reduce the amount of heat produced by the engine. An oil change service also eliminates dirt and debris, which poorly affects the engine. If you don’t change the engine oil on time, the engine will heat up, wear down, and eventually stop working. Therefore, getting an oil change is extremely crucial for the longevity and performance of your vehicle.  

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New Direct Connection Performance Parts and Installation

Where Can I Get New Direct Connection Performance Parts and Installation in Kenosha, WI?

Palmen Motors Offers Direct Connection Performance Parts and Installation  

Are you looking to increase your vehicle’s performance without violating the emission requirements of their factory warranty? In that case, Direct Connection Performance parts and installation are best for you. The Direct Connection Performance Parts and Installation is exclusively brought to you through Dodge Power Brokers, and Palmen Motors is a part of that program. Dodge Power brokers are elite dealers who are experts in performance. Continue reading to learn more about it.  

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2021 Jeep Compass on road

How to take care of your vehicle by saying no to a few things?

What not to do to your vehicle?

If you want your vehicle to have a longer life span, then there are a few things that you should avoid doing. Your vehicle needs your attention more than you think it does. If you notice anything different or wrong with your vehicle, then bring it to us at Palmen Motors dealership. Our team of skilled and trained technicians will make sure your vehicle is working perfectly before you leave.

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A young couple looking at finances.

Where Can I Get a Free Vehicle Appraisal in the Kenosha, WI Area?

Receive a Free Vehicle Appraisal at Palmen Motors

If you’re about to start your search for a vehicle, chances are high you’ll consider trading-in your current vehicle option. If that’s the route you plan to go, do you have a solid estimate on how much you may receive on it? Palmen Motors can help with a free vehicle appraisal center.

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a line shot of a set of summer vehicle tires and their tread patterns

Switch from Winter to Summer Tires in Kenosha, WI

Summer is on its way with hot roads, humid air, and plenty of glaring sunlight. That means it’s time to install summer tires on your vehicle. Do you currently have winter or all-season tires on your ride? Need to buy a new set of summer tires or have some in storage? No matter your situation, we can help you with all of your summer tire needs here at the Palmen Motors dealership in Kenosha, Wisconsin!

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a white car parked inside a modern home garage near windows and a workshop bench

How Long Can a Vehicle Sit Without Being Driven?

Unused Vehicles Auto Service Care and Prevention

Depending on your job, lifestyle, and living situation, you might not be driving very often during this period of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), self-isolation, and social distancing. So, what happens to your vehicle if you let it sit for weeks and months on end? It is safe to leave your car like that? Will there be any damage to your vehicle for letting it sit, unused? 

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an auto mechanic in a blue jumpsuit fixing a tire on a lifted car in an auto service shop

What’s Considered an Essential Business in Milwaukee, WI?

During the Stay At Home order provided to Wisconsin residents, businesses that are deemed Nonessential are being forced to temporarily suspend operations for public safety and to decrease the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). However, that still leaves those classified as Essential Businesses. What are considered Essential Businesses in the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin? 

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What do dashboard lights mean?

What do the dashboard lights in my car mean?

What do car dashboard lights mean?

When any of the dashboard lights in your car turn on, it probably leads you to feel concerned and frustrated, especially if you don’t know what the icon that is lit up means. While it can depend on your vehicle’s make and model, for the most part the icons have the same general meaning across the board. Let’s take a closer look at what some of these specific icons mean! Read the rest of this entry >>