Bad Credit Car Loans Kenosha WI


Come to Palmen for Bad Credit Car Loans

Imperfect credit is something countless people face. While it might not be the ideal financial situation to be in, you should know that many people experience this –  and recover from it –  and an auto loan is one way to take charge. It might sound counterintuitive to borrow money when your finances have taken a hit, but getting on a regular payment schedule that you can afford and stick to is a huge part of rebuilding credit and taking matters into your own hands. Here at Palmen Motors, we’re committed to helping make that happen.   

For bad credit car loans in Kenosha WI, come on in and see our finance department at Palmen Motors. Our specialists will be realistic with you about the type of vehicle, payments, and future options you’ll have. We want to get you in a position to own and drive a great vehicle.

Imperfect Credit Still Gets You a New Car at Palmen

If your credit is especially poor, remember that your initial interest rate when you begin is just that –  a starting point. There will be refinancing options down the road that we’ll gladly help you with that will be much more agreeable. That said, we’ll do everything we can to give you the best rate possible right out of the gate, so it only goes up from there. 

If you’re in need of a bad credit car loan in Kenosha, we’d be happy to be of service to you here at Palmen Motors. Soon, you’ll be behind the wheel of a great vehicle, making monthly payments, and on your way back to credit success. Call or come see us today.

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