Keep your dog safe by seating him or her properly in the vehicle

Where Should My Dog Sit in My Car?

dog in car

Sure he wants to sit here, but it’s actually not good for him.

Here at Palmen Motors, we sell some very pet-friendly vehicles. And for many drivers, there’s nothing like heading down the open roads with their best friend next to them. But if that best friend is a dog, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure that he or she is safe in your vehicle. For many, it’s a simple answer to the question “Where should my dog sit in my car?Read the rest of this entry >>

You may not like it, but winter is coming anyway

Best 2014 Cars for Winter Driving

winter roads

We hate to even have this conversation. But, we are now past Labor Day, the “official end of summer.” So, when you are in Wisconsin, the time comes to talk about getting a vehicle that can handle the inevitable winter that is heading our way. If you are worried that your current car might not be able to handle the upcoming winter – or you just want something better equipped for it, we have you covered at Palmen Motors. In fact, we even have one of the best 2014 cars for winter driving. Read the rest of this entry >>