Driving on Icy Roads Kenosha WI

Tips for Driving in Sleet or Icy Conditions

When you venture onto the roads in the winter, there are always dangerous situations that you should be prepared to face. Wisconsin can throw some unpredictable weather your way, so when it comes to sleet and ice, it’s important to be ready. We’ll give you our best tips for driving in sleet or icy conditions. Read on to find out your best bet for a safe drive this winter.

Three Tips for Driving on Icy Sleet Roads

Tip 1: Slow Down RAM 1500 good in snow

You might think that slowing down is a natural reaction when the roads get slippery, but a lot of drivers try to continue driving at their normal speed. It’s well worth adding a few minutes to your travelling time if you are able to ensure that your vehicle and all the passengers arrived safe and sound. Slowing down gives your vehicle a better chance of stopping if you need to make an emergency stop and it also lessens the damage to your vehicle if a collision cannot be avoided.

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Tip 2: Plan Ahead

We aren’t asking you to plan ahead for the weather, but to plan ahead while you are driving. If you can see a turn coming up or a corner ahead, it will help you to slow down your vehicle and keep the movements in control throughout the turns and curves. Control is your friend when it comes to icy roads, so whatever you can do to keep some, will make your driving experience much safer.

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Tip 3: Avoid Steep Hills

When you can’t avoid driving in icy weather all together, we suggest you do your best to avoid steep hills. Searching through the internet, there are tons of videos of cars sliding down icy hills, and gaining momentum like that can be extremely dangerous if there are other vehicles on the road or if you collide with anything at the bottom. It’s in your best interest to avoid steep hills when the roadways are coated with ice.

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